Celebrating Awrudu: A Night of Joy and Unity at CMC Engineering Export

On April 5th, the CMC Engineering Export Welfare Committee hosted a delightful Awrudu Party to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The night was filled with dancing, singing, games, and fun, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone present. Employees came together to enjoy traditional games and delicious food, fostering a sense of unity and community within the company. The event was a resounding success, creating unforgettable memories for all who attended. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this celebration so special!.

CMC Engineering Welcomes South Eastern University Students for Industry Insights

At CMC Engineering, education and engagement go hand in hand. We were delighted to open our doors to the undergraduate students from South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, providing them with an enriching experience and a firsthand look into our industrial operations. As advocates for continuous learning, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of knowledge exchange, where industry insights are shared freely and ideas flourish. Together, we're shaping the future of food processing, packaging, printing, and many other industrial sectors in Sri Lanka by empowering young minds with practical experience and valuable insights.

Exceptional Achievements and Milestones Mark the Awards Ceremony for year 2022

In a dazzling display of talent and commitment, the recent Awards Ceremony for the year 2022 celebrated the outstanding contributions of our exceptional team. The presence of the Managing Partner of C Melchers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany added prestige to the event, where each accolade showcased the collective triumphs across Best Sales, Service, Delivery, and Secretarial roles throughout the year.

As we reflect on the night, heartfelt congratulations are extended to each and every member of the Team for their pivotal roles in making 2022 a year of triumph. The ceremony marked a significant turning point with the unveiling of our new logo, symbolizing our identity. The event also introduced 'Onlinespares.lk,' our cutting-edge online store, promising a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers. Additionally, we proudly announced the integration of SAP Business One, a strategic move set to elevate operational efficiency and streamline business processes.

Beyond individual achievements, the awards ceremony was a testament to the strength of our unity and collaborative spirit. As we bask in the pride of our Teams' accomplishments, anticipation builds for future successes.

Stay tuned for more remarkable milestones as we continue to soar to new heights together.

Industry 2023: Unleashed Innovation at BMICH, Colombo - A Phenomenal 4-Day Exhibition!

The 'Industry 2023' exhibition took place at BMICH in Colombo, where exciting new technology and advancements were put on display. The event attracted many attendees who were eager to witness live demonstrations of laser cutting and packaging machinery, highlighting their precision and impressive capabilities.

Entrepreneurs and industry professionals from all over Sri Lanka were drawn to the exhibition, visiting our stalls to explore the latest technology and solutions. They had the opportunity to experience the showcased technology firsthand and gain valuable insights into its transformative potential. Notably, students from schools and technical colleges showed tremendous enthusiasm. They eagerly absorbed knowledge and developed a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving world of innovation. 'Industry 2023' proved to be a vibrant hub of inspiration and knowledge exchange, with bustling aisles and captivating demonstrations.

CMC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary in the New Premises

A Pirith chanting ceremony and Alms giving was held on 12th November 2022 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary in its new premises owned by Melchers group. Its current growth and development have benefitted immensely from this place. The Welfare Committee of CMC proposed the event. The staff and their family members participated in this occasion and obtained religious blessings on this special day.

A Cricket Tournament for a friendly and harmonious work atmosphere

Nothing brings us all together like a good sporting event. CMC held its annual cricket tournament on 1st October 2022, allowing its employees to get away from their desks, change their perspectives and forge closer bonds with one another. Competition is a part of everyday life at CMC, so this day was a great opportunity to unleash their competitive spirits onto the playing field. We believe that having a little fun now and then is an excellent way to bring everyone together, get them smiling, and make sure they return to their workstations feeling upbeat and refreshed.

Appreciating & Honoring the Performance of Our Employees

On 10th February 2022, CMC held its annual awards ceremony recognizing the best-performed employees overcoming the challenges over three years. The occasion was graced by the Managing Partner of Melchers Group, Mr. Nicolas Helms who was invited as the Chief Guest. Mr. Nimal Jayaratne was recognized and appreciated for his excellent sales performance and many others were rewarded for different attributes based on their performance. CMC was able to effectively wrap up a special evening by setting high standards for the future of all of its staff.

CMC moving forward with the green vision

80% of our total energy requirement is provided by the solar roof which we have installed. Not only it is giving financial benefit to the organization, but it also contributes to reduce CO2 emission. From 2016 to 2022, it reduced 65 tons of CO2 emissions. In the next phase, we have planned to install off-grid inverters and an energy storage battery system to utilize extra energy generated by the system during weekends and holidays.

To support our green vision, the entire office is using energy-efficient LED lights, inverter-controlled air conditioners and use as much as possible sunlight as the lighting source.

CMC Resume Work for 2022 New Year with Religious Observance

“A new year dawns with many challenges, opportunities and experience. We, CMC, stepped into begin that new dawn with religious observance to the most hard-working and dedicated employees & their loyal long-standing customers. Accordingly, an almsgiving was organized on the morning of January 03, 2022 at the institute. All the staff members contributed immensely and participated at this noble almsgiving.

CMC Engineering Export GmbH contributes for CSR Project launched by Sri Lanka Food Processors Association

Sri Lanka Food Processors Association (SLFPA) initiated a program to donate five Multi Para Monitors or Patient Monitoring Units ((PMU) which help to monitor the Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, ECG, Systolic and Diastolic pressure, and other critical factors of Covid 19 patients. SLFPA came forward with this project to appreciate the front line medical personnel and to help in their efforts to fight against Covid 19. The handing over ceremony took place at the National Hospital recently with the participation of the President of SLFPA and CEO of CMC

Engineering Export GmbH– Mr.Nishan Perera. For this donation CMC Engineering contributed for a Multi Para Monitors or Patient Monitoring Unit. Also CMC has donated dry rations to well needy Elderly homes through SLFPA - SARVODAYA joint project.


We at CMC Engineering Export GmbH provide supply, install & commission machinery and provide aftersales service to the customers in the food, beverage, and plastic sector. Also, we supply cleaning and sanitizing chemicals to the food & beverage industry and hotels, restaurants & hospitals. We provide all safety equipment to the Office staff. We abide by the COVID-19 safety control plan and guidelines of the Ministry of Health and other applicable regulations. We are committed to ensuring we achieve COVID-19 safety objectives with the safety control plan. We commit ourselves to use other best practices for the Continual Improvement of the COVID-19 Safety Management System.

CMC Engineering Export GmbH thriving amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a great threat to the global economy, CMC Engineering Export GmbH has managed to remain strong and undefeated. With the many safety precautions followed by the management as well as the staff, CMC Engineering Export GmbH got back on track and is providing their usual services to their clientele. The company has been running with minimal staff since April 2020 and since 11th May 2020 has been running smoothly amidst strict sanitary precautions with all staff reporting to work.

The management has made it mandatory that all employees wear a face mask at all times. Daily temperatures of employees are checked and recorded. Employees have also been provided with personal sanitizer bottles and workstation sanitization sprays and all daily tasks are carried out while maintaining strict social distancing rules. The sales and service staff have also been provided with the necessities such as face masks and hand sanitizer to ensure their safety while on the go. The equipment and the spare parts are handled with caution by our service team.

At a time when other establishments were losing the battle against COVID-19 and were lagging in business, CMC with its farsighted initiatives and flexible business model managed to stay on top of things without any negative consequences towards the staff or the company. Thanks to our suppliers who provided goods continuously during the pandemic and our customers who kept supporting us by placing orders even at this difficult time, CMC managed well at a time when only a few companies were functioning. The sales revenue which was growing steadily from January to March 2020 took a different turn during April and May with the sales of Ecolab products rising at a significant pace.

CMC being the sole agent in Sri Lanka for Ecolab products met the requirements of the market through continuous supply of hand and floor sanitizers which was in demand during April and May, when the pandemic situation in Sri Lanka was at its peak. Ecolab products contains Isopropyl Alcohol which has been recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fight against COVID-19 virus. .

CMC’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19

CMC developed their own “Hygiene Station” which is capable of sanitizing both hands and feet simultaneously. This device avoids cross contamination and manual touching of buttons/knobs. As a test run this unit has been installed at the entrance of CMC and has been functioning smoothly since its time of installation in May 2020. Manufactured by CMC in Sri Lanka, this unit is available for purchase. This machine can be used in various institutions such as hotels, restaurants, and factories etc. Find more information HERE.

CMC receives accolades at Profood Propack Launch and Award Ceremony

CMC’s expertise, experience and continuous success managed to secure awards and accolades at Profood Propack and Ag-biz Launch and award ceremony which was held on the 28th of February 2020 at 5pm in Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo 3.

The awards ceremony was organized by the Sri Lanka Food Processors' Association (SLFPA) in connection with the Profood Propack and Ag-biz trade exhibition held from 2nd to 4th August 2019. The event was graced with the presence of Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraal, senior adviser on economic affairs to the prime minister and Mr. Asoka Ranjith, secretary to ministry of industries and supply chain management.

The event was attended by many experts of the fields of agriculture, food processing and packaging.

CMC Export Engineering GmbH was awarded the Best Stall Award in the Packaging category in the Profood Propack and Ag-biz trade exhibition. Additionally, CMC was also the silver sponsor for Profood Propack and Ag-biz trade exhibition in the year 2019 and will continue to sponsor in the year 2020 as well.

The Profood Propack and Ag-biz trade exhibition provides a platform for CMC to meet many potential as well as existing customers and create an opportunity to discuss new and ongoing projects. CMC is very excited to cater to the new demands of the growing food processing and packaging industry. The CMC team is determined to move forward with continuous effort, endeavour and perseverance in order to become a driving force in the field of food, packaging and exports. .