vision statement

Building business that are leaders in the sector

mission statement

Shared values | shared success

While operating as a global player, we also maintain the tradition of the "honourable merchant". We have had a presence on the international markets for more than two centuries, offering cooperation and collaboration based on mutual trust. Our excellent reputation is the consequence of common values which we seek to apply to our everyday business activities:


We share responsibility for the success of our clients and business partners. We therefore proceed carefully, conscientiously and with a strong sense of our own responsibilities.


We practise a culture of openness, characterised by honesty and respect – our aim is solid working relationships based on mutual trust and flat hierarchies.


Loyalty and reliability are the cornerstones of our philosophy as a company. Our support for clients and partners remains strong even if they encounter difficult times.


We want to play a part in shaping the future. Besides entrepreneurial know-how, we have the necessary determination and perseverance.