Vacuum Packing Service for Food & Clothes

Looking for a reliable vacuum packing service near Colombo, Sri Lanka? Get your food and clothes vacuum packed. We specialize in top-notch vacuum packing services, using high-quality nylon mixed laminated bags. Our bags are leak-proof and sealed on three sides, ensuring maximum freshness and cleanliness for your items. Save space & money with our service.

Clean and Fresh: We pack your belongings hygienically to keep them fresh and clean.

Affordable Prices: Enjoy competitive rates without compromising on quality, perfect for both travelers and startups.

  • 150mm x 200mm = Rs. 100.00
  • 200mm x 250mm = Rs. 150.00
  • 220mm x 330mm = Rs. 250.00
  • 300mm x 380mm = Rs. 350.00
  • 480mm x 520mm = Rs. 400.00

Convenient Location: Our facility is easily accessible with parking facilities for your convenience.

Fast and Efficient: Our team ensures fast and efficient service, saving time for your journey or business tasks.

Space-Saving Solution:Vacuum packing maximizes luggage space, whether it's for your suitcase or business storage.

Food Vacuum Packing
Food Packed in Vacuum Bags
Vacuum Packing with Single Chamber Machine