The concept of a piston filler is fairly simple: pull in product on the back stroke and displace it into the container on the forward stroke, just like positive displacement pumps. Shorten or lengthen the stroke and you get different fill volumes. But there are actually two different types of piston filling machine, check valve types and rotary valve types. These piston filler can be integrated in to various fully automated filling systems.

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Rotary valve piston fillers are among the most accurate and versatile type of fillers available. Salad dressings, peanut butter, potato salad, oils and much more are filled with this type of filling machine. Rotary valve piston fillers have a hopper located above the rotary valve. The rotary valve itself is a cylinder with a large nearly 90 degree section cut out in the middle. On the back stroke the valve opens between the hopper and the cylinder then, just before the forward stroke it rotates 90 degrees to open between the cylinder and the discharge to the container to be filled. Depending on the size of the rotary valve, solids in suspension as large as a one inch cube can pass through the valve.

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